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The Documents module displays a list of documents. Each document record includes a title and a link to view (depending on a user's file associations) or download the document. Link tracking and logging are also available.

Optional Data Entry Fields: 

  • Description field
  • Category free text field which can alternately be set as a drop down category list

Automatically Recorded Data which can be optionally displayed:

  • The name of the document 'owner'. By default this is the name of the user who created the document however the owner name can be edited.
  • The date that the document was last modified.
  • The file size of internal documents only in Kb.
  • The date that the document was created.
  • The name of the person who last modified the document.

Document Settings: 

  • Change the category field to be a drop down categories list.
  • Disable the document title functioning as a link to the document.
  • Ability to set the visibility and order of each field.
  • Ability to set the order in which documents are displayed by one or more fields.
Document module
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